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Red Dot design award winning luggage for the discerning traveler

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The art of exploration is made possible by thoughtful design which enhances usability and provides a sense of beauty.


I’m completely blown away by this suitcase! I’m completely enamored with it.

- Robin R.

This is the nicest piece of luggage I’ve ever seen, much less owned. The hard aluminum shell is very rigid and durable, the wheels glide like soft butter. It looks great and everything about it is great.

- Jonathan W.

This luggage is amazing! Quiet operation with double spinning wheels, sturdy and durable! People are asking about it because nothing else looks or performs like it! 100%!!

- Kimmi

This is a great piece of luggage. It rolls smoothly and is very stylish. It’s easily to wipe off and it fit way more than I imagined. I used this for a weekend trip and it was all I needed.

- Melinda

Red Dot Design Award

Our Time Capsule Carry-On suitcase has gained international recognition as a symbol of exceptional design. It has been honored with a prestigious Red Dot Design Award, highlighting its sleek and sophisticated appearance as well as its practical features. Defying the conventional perception of suitcases as bulky and cumbersome "boxes for travel," our product redefines the concept of travel in style.