Artist Program

At TUPLUS, we embrace travel as an art of exploration. When traveling with TUPLUS, our community members are journeying with boundless creativity and are open to possibilities as they are not distracted or weighed down by their luggage. With this in mind, in spring 2023, we introduced the TUPLUS Artists Program, inviting travelers from various fields to craft their TUPLUS luggage into one-of-a-kind pieces of art.


Let's take a moment to admire their incredible artwork.

Blossom Just in Time

By Lan (Florist) 

Product: Time Capsule

Crafted by a florist using pressed clovers, cherry blossoms, and other floral elements, this design beautifully symbolizes the arrival of spring.

On the Road

By Sun (Illustrator) 

Product: Balance 

The painting of slanted houses depicts the fleeting landscapes often observed during this artist's journeys.

World Inside the Tram

By Yefan Yang (Prop Designer) 

Product: Quick 

Through 3D printing and laser-carved wood panels, the suitcase's exterior is transformed into a tram and a cozy British-style living room with warm firelight hidden inside.

A Boundless World

By Shanshan Du (Dough Sculptor) 

Product: Balance 

"Dough sculpture" is one of China's intangible cultural heritage arts. With a layer of quartz sand, the artist recreated the traditional Dunhuang murals using dough, employing techniques such as kneading, rolling, pressing, and shaping.

By Zou Yuhao

Installation artist

By Yefan Yang

Prop designer

By Deng Enhao

3D artist

By Lin Tian

Watercolour Artist

By Dong Erlan


By Jin