Time Capsule

2023 Red Dot Design Award Winner

The Time Capsule collection features rounded corners to give it a distinctive look and extra resilience, challenging traditional stereotypes of secure suitcases.


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TUPLUS Time Capsule Medium Checked Suitcase, Warm SandTUPLUS Time Capsule Medium Checked Suitcase, Warm Sand
TUPLUS Time Capsule Standard Carry-On Suitcase, Blue OceanTUPLUS Time Capsule Standard Carry-On Suitcase, Blue Ocean

Original central wide handle

The central wide luggage handle ensures this suitcase is effortless to push while creating a simple, symmetrical, and beautiful look. It also doesn't take up any space within the suitcase, allowing for increased capacity compared to luggage of the same size.

Rounded corner design

Inspired by a time capsule, this suitcase's rounded corners unite extra resiliency with remarkable recognizability, achieving a timeless and distinct look.

Unique push-to-release TSA lock

Unlock your suitcase easily via a simple 'push-to-release' method, eliminating the need for keys and making your packing process faster and more convenient.

Detachable interior lining

The inner lining is removable for easy cleaning, ensuring a consistently clean and fresh interior for your clothes and belongings.