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Thoughtfully Designed, Made to Elevate Your Journey

Award-Winning Design

Experience the TUPLUS Difference

Iconic Central Wide Handle

A central wide handle features a one-click pop-up design, with two adjustable heights. This design offers maximum stability while rolling and creates room for more inside.

High-Performance 360° Spinner Wheels

Makes navigating through even the busiest airport or train station a total breeze.

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Room for More

Make easy work of packing with our seamlessly integrated compression pad, interior mesh pockets, and X-belt.

Security? Check.

The TSA-approved combination lock and flip-top box add extra security to protect your belongings while you travel.

Need to grab something fast?

Our Quick Series has you covered. With a unique, original front opening-design, whatever you need will be close at hand.

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Unique Designs

Enjoy the journey with our special design features, colors, and interior designs.

Find Your Balance

Meet TUPLUS Balance, a revolutionary travel companion designed with the modern traveler in mind. Our top-of-the-line luggage has exceptional features you'll love. The distinctive wide handle, which can be adjusted to different heights, guarantees a comfortable grip, even during long journeys. For added peace of mind, our luggage is equipped with a TSA-approved combination lock, ensuring the utmost security for your personal belongings.

Maneuvering through crowded airports is a breeze thanks to the high-performance 360° spinner wheels.

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What Customers Say


Excellent design and super smooth wheels

This is not my first TUPLUS luggage. I had my first one in Shanghai years ago and I keep receiving praise from people wherever I travel.

This time I ordered a different one for a friend. She loves it!

The design is simply beautiful as always. You can barely hear any noise from the wheel movement. Strongly recommend.



Love how this luggage looks and feels—excellent built quality. The front and back of the suitcase look the same, which looks lovely.

I love the two compartments, one with the zipper to store dirty clothes.

The wheels are excellent, too - they spin around in a circle and are super easy to maneuver on carpets and floors—excellent value for the money.


Smart Design, Lightweight & Durable!

Wow, this luggage is amazing! Quiet operation with double spinning wheels, sturdy and durable!

People are asking about it because nothing else looks or performs like it! 100%!!

So far, I love everything about TUPLUS. I try my best to fly with solely with carry-on luggage. This qualifies as a carry on, is sleekly designed, quiet to operate, and comes with a built-in TSA combo lock.


Great Suitcase

I only pick up bags with spinners so it's so much easier to maneuver while traveling, especially through the airports when you have to quickly pivot. I walk fast and I need a bag to be able to move along. Suitcase seems to be very well made, love the hard shell and the look.

Very minimal design. Looks sleek and modern. Love the attached lock option that typically isn't available when you have a hard shell suitcase. Lightweight. Just used it in Chicago and will be using it in Boston next week!

John A.

Sleek, stylish, and versatile carry on

I really like the style of this bag. Rolls quite, the handle is extra large and the bag itself is lightweight.

I love the purple accents on the bag too. I'm a Sacramento Kings fan, so purple and black do it for me.

Now, I'm off on a weekend trip and always over-pack. Yet, this bag was able to fit everything I wanted to bring with me and still be manageable rolling and lifting.

Robin R.

Blown Away

So, I’m completely blown away by this suitcase! I’m completely enamored with it.

I’ve never heard of a suitcase having a dust bag...this is the designer handbag of suitcases.
Ya know how most wheeled suitcases don’t like to roll on carpet? Well, this bad boy even rolls, even SPINS on almost shag, the pile is so tall and thick, rug! It twirls like a pretty ballerina.If you’re looking for a heavy duty, but the actual weight being light for lifting, case that’s as functional as it is pretty- just order it!

Make it a set and save

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