2019 Good Design Award Winner

Our Balance collection features an ingenious central wide handle with spinner wheels, providing optimal balance, maneuverability, and a smoother gliding experience as you move. 



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TUPLUS Balance Standard Carry-On Suitcase with Animal FigurineTUPLUS Balance Standard Carry-On Suitcase with Animal Figurine
TUPLUS Balance Medium Checked Suitcase with Animal FigurineTUPLUS Balance Medium Checked Suitcase with Animal Figurine
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Original central wide handle

The handle is cleverly embedded on both sides of the suitcase to create extra balance and maximize internal storage space. It seamlessly integrates into the suitcase when fully retracted, providing a convenient flat top surface to place additional items during your journey.

Double-sided flat design

The suitcase's front and back sides feature a flat surface, creating a minimalist, sleek, and symmetrical look. Our innovative hinge design requires fewer components to secure both sides together, enhancing the suitcase's durability and resilience.

Hinomoto 360° spinner wheels

Enjoy effortless and smooth maneuverability in any direction with these spinner wheels, providing a noiseless, vibration-free travel experience. Crafted from high-quality materials and resistant to wear and tear, they also guarantee long-lasting performance.

Unique push-to-release TSA lock

Unlock your suitcase easily via a simple 'push-to-release' method, eliminating the need for keys and making your packing process faster and more convenient.