Our Impression collection, inspired by Impressionist art, offers elegant and lightweight travel options. Crafted with featherlight materials, these pieces are designed to make your journey effortless.



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Iconic wide handle design

Thoughtfully integrated within the suitcase's design for improved stability and maximum interior space. When retracted, it merges flawlessly with the suitcase's profile, providing a convenient flat top surface to place items during your journey.

Flip-top TSA combination lock

Guarantees that the zipper is safely tucked and protected from any possible harm, ensuring secure fastening.

Hinomoto 360° spinner wheels

These wheels offer a silent and smooth gliding experience, ensuring a serene journey. Made from top-quality materials, they withstand the test of time and terrain. Glide through terminals or lobbies with ease.

Lightweight PC material

Built to withstand rough handling while safeguarding your possessions. Its lightweight design ensures effortless lifting, making it an ideal companion to manage your essentials with ease.