Impressionist paintings inspire our Impression collection. Artfully crafted from lightweight materials to lighten life's burdens in addition to your luggage load, it is perfect for gentler journeys.



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Iconic wide handle design

The iconic wide luggage handle ensures this suitcase is effortless to push. It also doesn't take up any space within the suitcase, allowing for increased capacity compared to luggage of the same size.

Flip-top TSA combination lock

This flip-top lock ensures the zipper is securely locked away and shielded from potential damage.

Hinomoto 360° spinner wheels

Enjoy effortless and smooth maneuverability in any direction with these spinner wheels, providing a noiseless, vibration-free travel experience. Crafted from high-quality materials and resistant to wear and tear, they also guarantee long-lasting performance.

Lightweight PC material

Made from PC material, this suitcase can be handled without care while still protecting your belongings. It’s lightweight construction makes it easy to lift and perfect to carry your load.